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075 Counting Caterpillars

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075 Counting Caterpillars
4 jigged caterpillar boards,40 caterpillar segments (4 sets of numbers 1 to 10)
Setting up
• Each player pieces together one of the jigged caterpillar boards (using the coloured border on the reverse to ensure that they have the correct pieces) and places it face up in front of them.
• The caterpillar segments are shuffled and spread out, number side down, on the table.
To be the first player to complete their caterpillar (with the numbers in the correct order) and count the numbers 1 - 10.
To play
• The youngest player begins by turning over a caterpillar segment from the table and placing it in the correct space in their caterpillar board. Until the child is confident in number sequencing, they may match the coloured segments to the coloured feet.
• If the player already has that coloured segment, they show it to the other players and then return it to the table, face down.
• Play passes to the next person.
• The game ends when a player has collected numbers from 1 to 10 and placed them in their caterpillar board in the correct order.
The winner
The winner is the first player to count from 1 to 10 correctly, whilst pointing to the corresponding numbers, having collected all of their caterpillar segments.

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