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032 Bus Stop

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  • - Age: 4 +
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032 Bus Stop
1 jigged board, 4 bus boards, 4 bus counters, 4 stands, 40 passenger cards, 2 dice
To return to the bus station with the most passengers on your bus.
To play
The board is jigged together and the bus counters inserted into the matching stands.
• Each player takes a bus board and places their matching bus counter on the starting square, shown by a white arrow in a blue circle. The passenger cards are spread out face upwards on the table around the edge of the playing board.
• The youngest player starts by throwing both dice and moving their counter clockwise around the board the number of spaces indicated by the red dice. If the square they land on shows a plus sign, they pick up the number of passenger cards indicated by the white dice and place
them on their bus board. Play then moves to the next person.
• If on a later turn a player lands on a square with a minus sign on it, they
take off the number of passengers indicated by the white dice and return them to the table.
• If a player who has a full bus lands on a plus square they cannot collect
any more passengers because there is no room on the bus and play moves on to the next person.
• If a player has to set down more passengers than are on their bus they must set down as many as they have left: i.e. if the white dice shows five' and the player only has three passengers, they should just empty their bus. If a player's bus is empty they cannot set down any passengers and
play moves on to the next person.
• When approaching the finish, shown by a red STOP sign, players do not
have to throw the exact number to return to the bus station.
• The game continues until all players have reached the bus station.
The winner
The winner is the player with the most passengers when they reach the bus station at the end of the game.

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