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Age 6+

518488 Penguins Pool Party

Fit the ice around the penguinsThe Smart Penguins challenge you in this exciting new 3D game...and now it's time for a swim! Discover Penguins Pool Party, featuring 60 challenges. To play just place the penguins in the water on the game board as show...

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518549 Parking Puzzler

Park the cars in the right spot!Test your parking skills with the 60 challenges in Parking Puzzler! A unique deduction game, Parking Puzzler players must find the right spot for each car using the clues and directions provided in the challenges. No i...

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518501 Pirates Jr.

Sail the seas! Find the treasure!Sail the seas and find the treasure! Pirates Jr. - Hide & Seek challenges you to arrange the four playing pieces and help the pirates find what they need. Sea adventurers young and old can explore the 60 challenge...

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Price EUR: 17.00 Details

North Pole

North pole

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517993 SpongeBob

Brain like a sponge?Is your brain like a sponge, soaking up challenges and having fun solving them? Maybe it's time to bring this fun sliding puzzle into the mix.Dive deep into the world of SpongeBob with Spongebob Mix Up, a fun logic game featuring...

Price EUR: 20.00 Details
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