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Dear parents! We invite you to get familiar with our assortment!


Toys and games are not just a plain entertainment, a child’s play means learning about the world, during the play the child develops physically, cognitively and emotionally. The child gets his basic knowledge about his environment from the play and communication with his parents.


That means that you must choose the toys very thoughtfully and consciously. The products we offer are usually interesting even for parents. It is really wonderful because quality time your spend together with your children reinforces his speedy development and harmonious relationship within the family.


In the IQ Kids store you will find the most modern, colorful and qualitative products, which help to develop different aspects of the child’s personality:


  • Toys and games for cognitive development: senses, perception, attention, memory, thinking, imagination and speech. We can offer you toys for a wide age range – from a year to 7-8 years.
  • Toys and games for personality development: they help to develop concentration, attentiveness, sense of purpose, concentration and inquisitiveness, the ability to think creatively.


Another group of products in our assortments – different sets for creative skills’ development:


  • Making pictures of quartz sand and modeling clay
  • Embroidery sets
  • Making bead, sequins and serpentine pictures
  • Foil weaving
  • Making gel candles
  • Making soft toys


We have split the list of products into categories according to the producer.


In order to choose the toys more deliberately we warmly advice you to read about child’s personality development. Professionals from the GOKI Company have kindly provided us with this information. Follow the link to read the text.


If you have any questions about any of the items, contact us.