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Here you can see some moments from IQ Kids life.


On the photos you can see our stands in different Tallinn’s malls. 


You will easily recognize us! It is doubtful that you will pass such a colorful stand.

Children as well as curious adults stop by our stand!


All the parents love their children and are proud of them.
So we have got an idea: send us the photos of your children’s crafts or your cooperative crafts, which were made with the help of IQ Kids store products and we will be happy to publish them on our website. Everyone will see what your child is capable of, but you will get more inspiration looking at other projects.


Send your photos; ask questions, call and write!


We are really happy to have a unique opportunity of personal contact with our clients. In our opinion this option is especially valuable and useful for you, and it makes us really special among the other online toy stores.


While the adults are having their conversation with our consultant and trying to choose among the vast number of products, the child can try out many of our toys in a real play zone in Rocca al Mare shopping center.