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When we were choosing the products for our internet store we haven’t forgotten about the youngest children!


Most of us have heard the ironic saying about “difficult childhood and wooden toys”. However, in the other countries with old toy-making traditions people are really fond of the wooden toys which are made with special care. Wooden toys cost a fortune, they are cherished and kept for the next generations.


We would like to pay your attention to GOLLNEST & KIESEL production, which is world famous German firm. Their products are real hits in many countries. Loving parents in those countries choose the toys from HEIMESS, TOYS PURE, GOKI and CAUSE .


Every HEIMESS, TOYS PURE, GOKI toy is designed in such a way that it is interesting for a long time, actually for years.


GOKI is one of the Gollnest & Kiesel brands. Their assortment consists of qualitative toys in colorful package, the toys are made of natural materials, mostly wood (birch, beech and ash-tree covered with special water-based paint).


All the toys are made with special care and the price is reasonable. Most of the GOKI products are based on Montessori teaching method which means playful learning and independent exercises.


GOKI toys and games are designed for playing together (parents with their child or several children) and that’s the secret of their success.


Your toddler should not play alone – the whole family can be involved into the interesting game!


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